Friday Prayers – South Street: 1:30 PM & 2:30 PM | Amity Road: 2:00 PM


After today’s meeting between the current Reading Islamic Centre (RIC) committee the following roles have assigned by unanimous decision to the following committee members:

President: Baddar Kayani
Vice-President: Abid Riaz
General Secretary: Shabber Shabir Mirza
Administrator & Head of Education: Tahir Naqash
Treasurer: Aftab Mohydin Quadri
Vice-Treasurer: Mohammed Farhan Naeem
Head of Media/IT: Usman Khan

Other Management Committee:
Haji Gulfraz Khan
Haji Mohammed Banaras
Mian Mohammad Asghar
Mian Shahjahn Ahmed

May Allah bless all of us and give us the opportunity to serve the masjid.

Jazak’Allah Khair
RIC Management Committee